Our Approach

Building Collaboratively to Power the Future of Data Rights

The Data Rights Protocol (DRP) consortium is a group of companies that came together to address a common problem: there is no standard way to exchange data rights requests under the law today. Since the request information businesses ask for is non-standard, it’s hard for consumers and the agents that represent them to exercise data rights with multiple companies; it’s also hard for companies to process consumer requests at scale.

Advocating for Consumer Privacy and Business Efficiency

The Data Rights Protocol benefits both consumers and businesses. By standardizing API endpoints, the Data Rights Protocol offers a format that allows data rights requests to be exchanged the same way every time. This makes it easier for businesses to handle requests and honor consumers’ privacy.

What We Do

Specify a technical protocol designed around legal requirements for data privacy

Enable governance of the protocol by maintaining registries of trusted implementers

Set clear operating agreements and procedures for the system and its implementers

How We Work

The consortium is comprised of authorized agents, privacy infrastructure providers, and covered businesses. We came together to co-develop a standard that works for all sides of the marketplace in service of the consumer. We work across multiple sectors, nurturing technologies and solutions that can advance the privacy of consumers’ data.

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