Standardizing consumers’ data rights requests

Defining Data Rights

Data rights give consumers agency over their personal information. Through new data privacy legislation, consumers are gaining new rights to better control the way their data is used. The Data Rights Protocol (DRP) is a technical solution that helps bring these new rights to life.

A Collaborative, Open Source Approach

The Data Rights Protocol sets a standard to make it easier for companies to honor consumer data rights requests. It is being developed openly and collaboratively by a consortium of privacy teams across the industry.

Powering Seamless, Secure Exchanges Between Consumers and Businesses

The Data Rights Protocol system combines technical APIs with governance practices and a set of operating agreements. Together, this system creates consistency and efficiency for the companies that process consumers’ data requests.

Turning Data Rights into Reality with Simplicity for Businesses

The Data Rights Protocol makes it faster, cheaper, and easier for businesses to handle data requests. Consumers, too, benefit from the Data Rights Protocol system since it allows their requests to be processed more efficiently and effectively.

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