Data Rights Protocol for Businesses

Automating the incoming surge of data rights requests

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The Data Rights Protocol (DRP) is a free and open source standard solution that can help you manage this challenge. The Covered Business Roundtable is the consortium's group dedicated to the interests and needs of businesses receiving data rights requests.

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Data rights requests will only grow

As consumer interest grows and new legislation passes, the number of data rights requests will only grow. Services have already been built that enable consumers to exercise their rights at scale, sending hundreds of requests.

We believe that the use of authorized agents and automated tools will become the main source of data rights requests in the near future. The tidal wave is on the horizon. That's why the Data Rights Protocol focuses on defining a standard for sending and processing requests from third parties and authorized agents.

A standard will benefit your business

An industry standard helps businesses stay in compliance with regulations like the CCPA while providing a faster, cheaper, and better method of processing these requests. Relieve some of the burden of verifying requests and fighting fraud by joining a consortium of trusted businesses and authorized agents,